Posted On: 17 Nov, 2020

5 Undisclosed Tips To Choose The Right Background For Your Images

Images play an incredible role in determining the success of a brand in terms of engagement, profitability, sales, and growth. In fact, the background of an image can make or break the final outcome or appeal of the overall image, agree? The image and its background can pose both a positive or negative impact on a potential customer. So, as a brand, it becomes inevitable for you to choose the right background for your brand growth and success. 

Whether you are an e-commerce seller or an individual business owner who runs his own online store, high-quality product images are important. They help you in telling your story about your brand and sell your products. These pictures can create a lasting impression on your potential customers, irrespective of the products you sell. But more importantly, while photographing your products or during the post-production process, you need to ensure that you chose the right background for your product images to drive more engagements. Choosing the right background improves the overall appeal of the image. So, better spend some time finding the right backgrounds.

If you are looking for some inspiration, then you are in the right place. We will guide you in choosing the right backgrounds for your product images. 

Being leaders in AI-based technology, image editing, and product photography, we tell you undisclosed tips to choose the perfect background for your image.


1 - Avoid busy backgrounds

Logically, if your images are distracting the attention of your customer, then your strategy for choosing the background is bad. Technically, the background of an image should be free from clutter, helping the potential customer to focus on the main product that you desire to sell. 

It is a bad strategy to keep your background busy with not-even-close props. Background holds the largest part of any image, if it is busy, it tends to distract the consumers’ attention. So, avoid busy backgrounds so that you can highlight your selling product in a better way.

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2 - White background is the best!

There is a famous living example that you won’t find boring or even ignore. At some point in time, you may have visited the Amazon website to check out some products, if not to shop, right? Did you notice that each selling listing products on the marketplace have used white background product images? Why?

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Because white background images look clean and give the required attention to the main product. If you are out to sell, you are just out to sell. All you have to do is highlight the product details (no to entice customers with creative, busy backgrounds). They are not looking for alluring backgrounds but convincing product features. If you fail to highlight the product in the picture, then you ain’t doing justice. In this case, the white background helps brands sell more. Since they provide a sense of consistency, highlight the main product, keep the background clean, therefore, allowing the consumer to focus on just the product. If you want to repurpose your old images you can use Clippr to remove your busy background from images and then use simple white backgrounds easily - in seconds.

3 - Use subtle colors, if not white!

Dark and bright colors are a strong turn off for potential customers during a product search. Subtle colors or natural shades are the best alternatives to white backgrounds. These colors serve the purchase purpose well and help you in making your product more visible. These backgrounds with simple colors (not too bright or dark) do not overpower the main product that you are selling. Find the perfect shade that sits with the product 

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4 - Textured backgrounds

Well, when you are required to use creative backgrounds for your product, you can simply use a textured backdrop or for that matter marble backgrounds such as grid or gradient shades. These kinds of backgrounds work best for home decor and fashion products, which a radiant look to the product.

5 - Black background

You won’t find a black background on many products, however, you will definitely find this background on products with highly reflective surfaces such as jewelry products. Using a white background on reflective surfaces or transparent objects may not be the better idea as it will overpower the product - hence compromising the quality. So, using a black background helps you differentiate your product from the backdrop. 

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