Posted On: 31 Dec, 2020

10 Photo Editing Styles That Are Here To Stay in 2021

When you are editing, it will either be dotting i’s and cutting t’s or using your magic wand to experiment with different styles of editing a photo. Photo editing is one of the creative processes that an image editor, graphic designer, or photographer has to go through. Being the fundamental for creating stunning visuals, you try a variety of different styles and wonder, what your signature photo editing syles must be?  

Photo Editing Styles That You Must Try in 2021

Crossroad ahead?

Whether you’ve just started tweaking pictures or pro at editing photos, at some point in time, you become a little bored with your editing styles. The urge for experimenting on new photos will transpire - making the pictures either pathetic or extremely beautiful - therefore, exploring new styles will persist. 

Even Photographers who cover different kinds of events experiment with all kinds of editing styles. They always explore the right styles that fit the themes of their events. If you are at such a perplexed crossroad, then keep reading. 

landscape photography editing styles

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If you are stuck at finding the right photo editing style or wondering what could be your signature photo editing style, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we tell you briefly about the top 10 photo editing style that has set a certain trend or have made it to the standard editing styles.

Not matter what sort of software you use to tweak your pictures, as long as you are thorough with the editing process, you can easily pull it off. 

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Even if you are trying to identify your own photo editing style, this is for you. You can take inspirations from the below given ideal photo editing styles and discover one for yourself. 

alternative of photoshop

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Signature photo editing styles you can try

  • 10. Clean Editing

  • 9. Monochromatic

  • 8. High Contrast

  • 7. Warm Black & White

  • 6. Mild-Contrast Black & White

  • 5. HDR

  • 4. Matte Finish

  • 3. Cross-Processed

  • 2. Dark and Moody (Desaturated Look)

  • 1. Vintage Film

10. Clean Editing

It is classical!

As you understand by the word, this photo editing style is basic and wouldn’t require too much or in-depth knowledge about post-production. However, it is basic and fundamental to understand this type of style, given its use in every editing process. 

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The basic idea of clean editing means that you adjust the basics to make your picture look beautiful. It includes improving the sharpness of the image, adjusting colors, and the clarity of the picture. This also means you need to work on making out of focus photos look focused. 

photo editing

The basics of photo editing are:

  • Cropping
  • Color Correction
  • Sharpening

If you want your images to stand out at all times, then clean editing is for you. 

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9. Monochromatic

Did you really think monochromatic and black and white photo editing styles are the same? If you did but don’t ever say that if you call yourself a pro. They are not synonymous! Monochrome pictures are composed of only one color (or values of a single color) and nothing. This can be variations (or shades) of blue, yellow, green, or gray, for example.

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If you have your childhood image in ‘green monochrome’ that doesn’t mean it is black and white, right? 

Black and white photos are composed of variants of the color gray stretching from absolute black to absolute white. For example, images like the one immediately below are known as black and white photos. You won’t see any color information in these kinds of images but you’ll notice the diversity of grey tones. 

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8. High Contrast Edit

You might know that contrast refers to the difference between the lightest and darkest pixels. In other words, it is the difference in tones from white to gray to black. 

Why use the high contrast photo editing style?

To create sharp and dramatic photos or draw the viewers’ attention directly to the subject, photographers mostly use this technique. You can dark blacks and highlight whites in your image in this photo editing style. Simple. 

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7. Warm Black & White

The Black and white photo editing style has become quite popular for a couple of years. It allows you to create a dramatic effect on your pictures by removing all the other colors from the picture. One of the most important things about this photo editing style is that it can be applied to any photo, giving viewers a wider and clearer view of subjects in detail. 

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Creating black and white pictures is easy and instant, however, a warm edit can add a touch of casualness to them. 

If you are editing casual portraits or any sort of detailed photos, you can consider using this type of photo editing style. This type of photo editing style can never go out of style, not just that it is classic and gives a wider detail to your pictures but it helps you eliminate all the colors in the picture clearly and create a pleasing look across the corners. 

new style photo editing


6. Mid-Contrast Black and White

Adjusting the back and white in a mid-contrast back and white picture can be a little tricky but can make your image look highly professional and impactful. 

Adopting a mid-contrast black and white photo editing style can be the best starting, as it can add a little interest to an otherwise a messed up picture. 

high contrast, style photo editor online in Delhi

The most essential thing you must keep in mind while using this photo editing style is that you need to have the perfect balance of contrast - since too little contrast may compromise your image quality and too much contrast can make your images look too sharp, therefore making them look unrealistic and unprofessional. 

This type of photo editing style suits well with portraits, wedding, and event pictures. If you are a photographer looking to adopt a new style to your editing skill then this style is the best splash for you. 

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5. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a popular and widely useful photo editing style that helps you control the dynamic range restrictions. HDR is also known as the dynamic range between the lightest and the darkest parts of an image.

styles of photography editing

If you need to choose between an object or subject in an image that's too dark or a sky that's too bright, HDR will give you the best of both (it helps you overcome the dynamic range). As a rule of thumb, you must use HDR photo editing style or during the photography, when you’re struggling to get the best and balanced exposure. If the shadows in an image or during the photography appear too dark or the highlights appear to be too bright, use HDR photo editing style to straighten the exposure of your image.

portrait editing styles in San Jose in Mumbai

If you are picking up this editing style, begin with brightening the dark shades and lowering the highlights - this will help you create a balanced exposure in the image. While creating an HDR look in your images or simply brightening the dark shades, make sure to eliminate/adjust the noise. Otherwise, you’ll risk having too much visual noise in your images. 

This photo editing style works best for real estate, architectural, and landscape photography.

black and white, photo editing style in Delhi

4. Matte Look

Do you have images that look too bright and your viewers end up commenting, ‘unnatural’? Well, this may happen if the colors in your picture are too bright and tend to overpower the main subject. But how do you correct it? 

monochrome edit , photo editing style in Mumbai

Use Matte Look on your images - colors of which appear to be too bright - to overcome the reflections on your images. This photo editing style was quite a trend for some time and is still used for editing too bright or reflective objects. The aim of this edit is to washout the shine, brightness, and reflection from the subject. It allows you to create a dark and moody look on images that are inherently colorful or created flashy. 

monochrome edit , photo editing style in India

Matte refers to a surface or a color that is dull and doesn’t reflect much light. In the image below, we have used this photo editing style to overcome the reflections created by colors that are too bright. So, you can use this photo editing style to make your images washed out, less bright, dark, and sort of vintage. 

3. Cross-Processed

Do you remember when films were used to capture images? Before the digital era could begin, photographers used cross-processing of pictures where they would use a variety of chemicals to develop a film reel. 

If you want to create intriguing images and play around with different colors, then you can use a cross-processing effect on your images. This photo editing style is very common for editors to have a knack for intentionally processing film in chemicals. 

HDR look, landscape photography editing styles in India

You can easily create cross-processed images in Lightroom or Photoshop and you can also replicate them digital post-processing using the same tools. Look at the two images below, it will give you a clear understanding of the cross-processing of images. This type of image editing style can be seen in portraits, natural landscapes, etc.

2. Dark and Moody

We see a lot of pictures that are sort of what we call ‘dark’ and moodier. These types of images tend to evoke emotions, therefore making this type of photo editing style trendy and everlasting. How emotions evoke using this image editing style?

cross processed, best photo editing styles in India

In this style, dark and heavy shadows are created to draw the attention of a viewer to the highlights. The highlights, color, and overall composition are very important in this editing style. This type of photo editing style is commonly used in flower photography, where a photographer needs to create a composition such that our eyes get drawn to the main subject

modern photo editing styles

1. The Vintage

Vintage or retro photo editing style is ideal for those photographers and editors who want to create a dramatic effect in pictures. The vintage edit is intended to create a sense of nostalgia and grab the attention of viewers. 

This type of editing style is inspired by retro movies date back to the 1970s and 1980s, and you cant confine yourself from using it - not matter how old it gets.

You see a lot of casual photos, wedding portraits, fashion, and makeup having a vintage look, making you free nostalgic and softhearted. Blue, green, red, yellow are the colors that give a perfect vintage look to your pictures, helping you create thumb-stopping pictures. 


What is Desaturated Look?

In case you are wondering what desaturated look means in photo editing, let me tell you that this is one of a kind photo editing style where almost all color are muted in the picture. This type of image editing style worlds well for floral images or images with greenery where green colors are toned down to create a muted look. 


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