Posted On: 03 Nov, 2020

How To Repurpose Your Images To Fulfill Your Visual Content Requirements

Don’t want to spend on new shoots? How do you re-use your old pictures?

After you have used images on your website or on an e-commerce site, you can add your old images to other areas after reproducing them by changing the background.

In this blog, we will tell you how to repurpose your product pictures and save huge investments and time. 

You invested thousands of rupees in a photoshoot. Uploaded all the pictures to your website and all the images look stunningly great but wouldn’t it amazing if you could re-use those images some other way? Repurposing your images is a viable option to save money and time, whether you have a vetted in-house team of editing fanatics or not. 

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Most of the websites are using stock photos. The same images are sprinkled everywhere on the web and viewers are very quick to sniff out these inauthentic and generic images - which actually bore viewers. In fact, some studies say that users are blind to stock images and some say that there could be over 45% improvement in conversions if real images are used over stock images.

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So, repurposing your photos isn’t just cost-effective but allows you to keep your visual content synergy across your sales channels. 


But how do you repurpose your images?

Here are some of the easy ways to do it - you can even save hundreds of thousands of rupees by using tools like Clippr to do it. 

As simple as that - If you have used a product image on your website, you can remove/replace its background and reuse it on other platforms or selling channels.

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Add or remove the background

There are so many reasons why you should remove the background from an image but repurpose your images, it is a necessary element. It allows you to create multiple-styled images by just changing the background. To remove the background 100% automatically, use clippr like a tool to do it for free of cost. Later you can insert these PNGs to Canva and make different designs by changing the backdrop.

Most of the e-commerce sellers do white product photography but little do they know that they can use these images to create creative shots without doing many efforts or spending a dime.

How to do it:

  • - Shoot your products in white background. Then remove the white background of the image using AI-based smart tools and replace them with solid colors in post-production. 
  • Take your product from a specific angle, place it on a floor, add a background from the behind, and add some shadows to make it look real. By doing this you can achieve a similar looking picture given below. 

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  • - Remove the background of multiple product pictures, group several PNG cutouts to create a single image.
  • - Or group these pictures and use textured backgrounds and add some props to your images.
  • - If you are selling garments, you can create multiple color variants from a single image. All you need to do is change the color of the original image in Photoshop.

Similarly, you can repurpose your images from across the categories either by deleting the background and adding new ones or by some other tricks mentioned above. This way you can introduce new styles of your products and use them in your advertising and marketing to promote your brand.

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