Posted On: 30 Jan, 2021

Replace Car Image Background With AI Tool

If you are into selling cars online or run a car dealership business, you’d know the power of high-quality, clean car images. The HD car images not only leave a perfect impression in the users' minds but also determine if the potential buyer will come to your showroom or your competitor's.

So, how to create stunning car images without having to shoot like a professional?

Whether your car images are shot by camera or in front of a not-so-great background, you can make these images look clean, professional, and sellable without having to do the impossible.

Clippr, a product by Spyne, has rolled out a new feature that allows you to create custom backgrounds on your car images in a matter of seconds. Simply said, you can use these tools for car background replacement and create images are that business-worthy. This tool is fully driven by AI and helps you replace your old background with new, high-selling background and floor. 

Create high-selling image backgrounds

With an AI-based car background replacement tool, you can now replace your image background in seconds without having to take your car anywhere. Spyne's smart tool lets you use high-selling backgrounds on your images, which makes sure, the clutter in your image background is gone, and almost everything except for your car. The background gets replaced with a new background and a new floor (turntable) under the car, making it look similar to the ones that we see on some world-renowned car catalogs and classifieds. 

Before Image:

Source: Car Dekho

After Image:

Create a deep impact with powerful car images

It is fully automatic

You don't have to do anything except for uploading your car image. After this everything will be taken care of by Spyne's AI tool. And it won't take longer than 7 seconds. If you are a big marketplace, we also accept bulk orders for car background replacement. 

How does Car Background Replacement work?

Deep Learning: Spyne algorithms are trained on thousands and thousands of real-life images to deliver accurate results, 100% automatically. 

Smart tech: The AI tool smartly takes the context and the composition of an image into account to determine which object(s) to classify as foreground. 

Execution: It then detaches the foreground from the background and creates a new premium background behind your car image or foreground. you can choose any background from several high-selling car backgrounds.

You can also remove the image background using Clippr

Remove background: Spyne’s AI background remover, Clippr, lets you remove the image background and then add a new background of your choice for free of cost. You can remove image background from any image of your choice and this tool is also powered by automation, which means it automatically removes bg from your images. Try for free. 

Replace your car image background and sell your cars like never before