Posted On: 17 Oct, 2020

How You Can Easily Remove Image Background Without Photoshop

Let's be honest. We all require white background images at some point or the other, but spending your time, learning how an actual photo editing application works, and trying it out yourself is not really a practical option. Not only this costs you a lot of time, but the process also doesn't promise magical results. Here is a look at who complicated it can be to use mainstream photo editing software.

alternative tool of photoshop to remove background

(Source: Business Insider)

And even if you are well versed with the select feature in photoshop, you still have to edit your image manually, which again is not the most convenient way to remove background from your images. 

And if you are here to discover a completely new and a much more seamless way to remove background from images, then we would like to introduce you to clippr, an online platform with which you can get transparent, white, and even black background images in just a few clicks. Just like this one.

ai photo background remover
ai bg remove

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We have developed, a look like never before that can get you the desired visual content in a matter of minutes. The reason clippr is better than the select tool of photoshop is that, with clippr, all you need to do is upload the images to our dashboard and our AI Integrated Image Editing Software does the rest. On the other hand, with photoshop, you have to manually edit the whole image yourself. 

photoshop alternative

photo background remover alternatives

Due to this difference, clippr proves to be a much more reliable and practical tool in terms of remove image background. And if you would like to give it a go, you can Try clippr Today From Free!

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