Posted On: 01 Dec, 2020

Remove The background from Logos in seconds - 100% automatically

One day I was asked to make a presentation and I didn't Remove The background from Logo, trust me, after just looking at my presentation, my boss said, “I kinda suck at creating one!” 

But that’s not just that, my manager looking thoroughly at my presentation with a sharp eye across the table said, “everything looks perfect but the logo,” he did not just stop there, he went on to say that “I treat logos as the main elements of any presentation - it is the brand identity,” quality of which I had compromised. 

But why did he focus so much on the logo?

When it comes to brand logos, people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a brilliant logo that equates with their brand values and proposition. So, compromising the quality of a logo means compromising the brand identity. 

Hence the lesson learned is that you don’t underestimate the brand logo. 

But in this blog, I wanted to save you from that kind of humiliation, if you were working on prevention or any sort of project where you need to use brand logos cleverly. Here, I will tell you how you can remove the background from a brand logo and save it as a PNG file and replace the logo’s background with matching colors or solid colors of your choice. Even if you are creating a presentation, how you can match your logo with the slides of the presentation. 

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Before everything, you must know:

  • What is a transparent background?

  • How to create transparent PNG?

  • How to remove background from a logo?

The method we are about to talk about is fully powered by artificial intelligence and supports 100% automation - meaning that you need not do anything except for a click. The smart tool will help you do everything 100% automatically and for free, which otherwise (manual editing) can cost you hundreds of rupees. 

What is a transparent background?

A transparent background is a faded background, which takes the effect of any background, color, or image behind it. The transparent background is usually filled with gray and white checkered square boxes. 

Here it solves the complications of using a logo in a presentation. Because if you have a transparent logo, you can use it in any slide or on any background and you don’t have to worry about the logo background to collapse with that of an original background as it will take the effect of the background on which it is placed. 

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How to create transparent PNG?

There are two ways to editing an image and creating a transparent PNG out of it, whether it is an image or a brand logo. This is clearly like removing the background from an image. It is a part of post-production, which is manual or automated. 

For getting it done manually, you need to hire a manual in-house editor or outsource the image to a studio that will help you in making your logos a transparent PNG. The editor will remove the background from the logo and save the file as a PNG. although this process is tedious as it requires a lot of effort. However, when it comes to automated image editing or background removal tool, it is effortless.

You can simply use AI-based editing tools like Clippr that allows you to remove background from logos in a matter of seconds and lets you save transparent PNGs, which you can use on any background of your choice (and this transparent logo will take the effect of the background behind it). As in the image below.

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How to remove background from a logo automatically?

With the advancement in technology, you can use AI-based technology tools to remove background from brand logos automatically. This is the same way you can remove the background from an image. It is easier than converting a doc into a PDF because you can now remove background from a logo in a click - yes, just a click. 

After you are done with removing the background from the logo, the AI-based tool, Clippr, allows you to download a PNG file of your logo with a transparent background, which you can use on any background or slide of your choice. 

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Here is how you can remove the background from a brand logo.

Use advanced artificial intelligence-based remove background tool to make your workflow seamless and easy. You don’t need to hire an editor to do it - no more wasting money when you can do it for free of cost and in a matter of seconds. 

Yes, Clippr is an AI-based, smart tool that allows you to remove background from images, logos, product photos, etc in a click.

  • - Go to the Clippr website and press the ‘TRY IT NOW’ button.

  • Now to upload the image you need to click on the ‘CHOOSE IMAGE’ button. (Select the image or logo from which you need to remove the background). Wait for a few seconds to let the smart tool process the image and remove the background.

  • In less than seven seconds, you will see your image on a transparent background (with the previous background gone) and you can download the image by clicking on the ‘DOWNLOAD IMAGE’ from the right side of the preview window.

  • The image will be in PNG format with a transparent background, which you can use anywhere you want.


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