Posted On: 09 Nov, 2020

Remove Background From High-End Jewellery Products In Seconds?

Jewelry photography is one of the most challenging genres, given to its size, brilliance, and reflection. However, editing jewelry images is as difficult as shooting them. But with AI-based smart editing tools, you can now edit images in faster turnaround times - helping you to upload images quickly on your website to attract more and more customers.

But we know that not everyone buys jewelry online however due to the recent push led by the coronavirus-induced lockdown, both shoppers and offline jewelry brands rushed online to fulfill the voids. With premium brands trying to reach out to their customers via digital channels, it’s very important for them to create visually appealing imagery of their jewelry products. 

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Because when a potential buyer comes to your website and comes across jewelry images with dull and boring backgrounds, the consumer gets disappointed and gives up hope of purchasing the jewellry online. 

So, to make sure that you don’t hurt the consumer sentiment with your poor visual presentation, you need to have strong, visually appealing products with matching backgrounds on your website. If you think your jewelry images have dull or boring backgrounds and you’d like to change them, worry not. We have got you covered.

Clippr, an AI-based smart tool allows you to remove background from jewelry images and download cutouts of the jewelry items only, which you can put onto any background of your choice. You can simply put these PNGs on a white background or black background. 

All you need to do is head to the Clippr website and click on the ‘try it now’ option to upload your image. You can also remove the background from images in bulk in a matter of minutes - 100% automatically.
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Why remove background from jewelry images?
Get rid of dull backgrounds

Is your image background boring? Do you want to replace it with a vibrant background? Then go ahead and use Clippr for free to remove your boring background.


Be Consistent
When you remove messy backgrounds from your old jewelry pictures and replace them with white or black backdrops, your product range or your catalog will give a consistent look - as you choose one or just two background colors for your whole product range.


Free and Automatic
If you are worried about the budget that you’d need to hire an editor to remove background from images, then, not anymore! Because Clippr is an AI tool that works on automation and helps your remove background for free. 


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