Posted On: 27 Oct, 2020

Remove Background From Grocery Products To Drive More Sales

Grocery shopping has got a huge momentum after e-commerce marketplaces made it seamless for consumers to order groceries online. With more consumers moving to online shopping, sellers are digitizing their brands to cater to the rising demand for online grocery products. This means that you need proper, high-quality grocery images to create a credible online presence. Using eye-catching pictures is the first step to building a successful brand and trust in your online consumers. 

One of the most aesthetic techniques to drive customers’ attention is to use quality, white background images. For this, you need either to shoot your product in a white background setting or simply use online tools to remove image background and replace it with the white backdrop. 

But if you have pictures and want to save your money from spending on new shoots, then you can certainly try some free tools that can help you in removing old, fudgy backgrounds in a few seconds and add new backgrounds to your images.

clippr is a modern-age tool that is driven by AI and helps users to remove the background images from any kind of image 100% automatically and free of cost. This tool helps businesses to save loads of rupees from spending on outsourcing to manual image editors who take lots of money and time in completing the work. However, with in-built smart intelligence algorithms in clippr, it allows you to make your post-production seamless and handy.

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Whether it’s food products or grooming products, you can always use these tools to make your website look enticing and consistent by using a single background on all your product images.

Why do you need to remove bg from grocery products?

There is no rocket science to it, but keeping in mind various aspects of grabbing the attention of a customer and improving aesthetics, brands prefer to remove background from an image to keep subtle backdrops before posting them online.

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Improving aesthetics -

Ever wondered what kind of pictures help brands drive customers to ‘check out’? It certainly is the images that look aesthetically pleasing. How do you achieve it? Using one background color, you can improve the aesthetics of your product images as it eliminates all the distracting elements around the main object. 


Drives Focus - 

Do you want your customers to look at just your main product that you want to sell? You can do that by removing the image background of your product and then simply placing it on a plain white background, which is free from clutter, this way the customers will have just the product to look at. And, using a simple background on product images improve the user experience as it allows the user to look into the product without any distractions, which eventually drives customers to purchase the item.


Follow Marketplace Guidelines - 

If you want to sell on a marketplace, you need to follow marketplace guidelines such as maintaining the image dimensions, keeping common background, etc. So, when you have to keep backdrops unique and subtle, you need to use tools like clippr to remove image background and use simple white or gray backgrounds on your product images. 

Use this free AI tool to make your post-production simple and affordable. Click here to remove the background from the image in seconds


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