Posted On: 25 Nov, 2020

Super Easy Way To Remove Background From Furniture Images (Just A Click)

Eye-catching images are key to success for any business. Similarly, aesthetic and high-quality furniture images can create a lasting impression on the customer and will help you convert them easily. Online product marketing and online selling are becoming aggressive. So, you need to make sure you are great at marketing the product, which will eventually lead to selling. But what is the key to a successful conversion? It is a high-quality product image that can grab the customer’s attention and lure them into purchasing the product. 

Creating great pictures can be achieved by photo editing your product images. In this blog, we will tell you how to remove background from furniture images real quick - in a few seconds. 

Why remove background from furniture images? 

Whether you are selling your products on Amazon or Etsy or on your website, you need to make sure that your pictures are neat and clean - without any distractions. So to remove the clutter from the background of your furniture image, you use a background removal tool to clear the clutter from the background or simply detach your subject or object from your background. By removing the background from images, you will be able to download the cutout of the main subject with a transparent background, which can be replaced by any background with ease.

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What is a transparent background?

Have you ever seen an object or subject being place on a background and it fits on it without looking fake?

When you search for images on the internet, you will mostly find images with a solid background like the one in the image below. These images are mostly in JEPG/JPG format. However, there’s another format, PNG, which is likely an image with transparent background. A transparent background is an image that has a pattern of small gray and white squares like in the image below (on the right). 

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So, when you remove the background from a product image using a background removal tool, it lets you download the cutout of the image with a transparent background, which you can change with any background of your choice. 

How to remove background from furniture images?

When it comes to the editing of furniture images in photoshop, many small businesses can’t afford it or don’t have much time to outsource to a manual editor. So, to make images look great, clutter-free, and attractive, business use bg remover to remove background from furniture images in a click. 

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To remove background from furniture images is simple, here’s how you can do it.

Clippr is an AI-based smart tool that allows you to remove background from product images in seconds. It is a fully automated tool that allows you to get the job done - free of cost.

Thee simple steps:

  1. Go to the clippr website and click on the 'try it now' button.
  2. Click on the 'choose image' option to upload the image. (Wait for a few seconds until the AI-tool detects the subject and removes its background).

Download the image with a transparent background by clicking on 'download'.

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And there you go, you can now place this PNG cutout of the subject on a background of your own choice. 


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