Posted On: 23 Oct, 2020

Use AI-tool To Remove Background From Footwear Images For Free

To remove background from an image you would either hire an editor or outsource your image editing requirements and they will, no doubt, charge you thousands of bucks to remove background from a few images. However, the tech-based startups and businesses are striving to leverage AI to build robust Image editing tools, driven by 100% automation, to help businesses save loads of rupees and time.

Spyne, a tech company, recently build Clippr to help businesses remove image background in a matter of a few seconds for free of cost. Clipp is an AI-based tool where you can seamlessly upload an image and get your background removed in a click. It allows you to get a PNG from your original image - free from clutter and disturbance, which you can use on any background of your choice.

Whether you are an e-commerce brand selling premium quality shoes or a real-estate business looking for a quality lead from your real-estate images, you can remove background from any image to make them look clean and elegant. Simple images with plain backgrounds help viewers focus on the main product without getting distracted from other props used in the image. 

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Also, in a pursuit to make product catalog or inventory look consistent across the product range, it is inevitable for brands to use these tools to remove bg and keep single background across the product range.


There are several reasons why you should remove the background from footwear images using Clippr. 

  • - It is a free tool that allows you to remove the background from any image.
  • - You can remove background from footwear images in seconds
  • - To use the plain background on product images you can initially use clippr to do your bg removing work.

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  • - By removing the background from your footwear images, you can create consistency across your product range.
  • - Using Clippr to erase the background, you can get a PNG with transparent background, which you can use on any background of your choice. 
  • - The interface of Clippr is quite simple that allows you to upload images in just a click.


Have a look at these pictures:

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