Posted On: 19 Nov, 2020

Remove Background From E-commerce Product Images In A Click

Removing background from images can be a daunting and time-consuming task without the right photo-editing tools. You can also use tools like Photoshop to remove background from e-commerce product images, but it is tedious. So, that’s why we are introducing Clippr, a background removal tool, that helps you remove background from images for free of cost and 100% automatically.

Remove background from images for free!

»  Clippr is an online tool that automatically removes the background from images for free

»  Clippr makes your image backgrounds transparent - allowing you to use any background on the image (cutout).

»  Clippr also helps you get images edited in bulk with super-high-resolution results

In a click

No matter how busy your background is, our background remover tool will remove the image background and allow you to download the image with a transparent background. Clippr’s AI smartly detects the subject and cut around its borders sharply and quickly and give your cutout of the subject with a transparent background - in a click

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Marketplace ready pictures

Are you an e-commerce seller who wants his product images to look like a pro? You can use Clippr to create high-quality pictures as you remove the background from the image. Whether you want to sell on Amazon or Etsy, you can easily create Amazon-ready pictures using Clippr. 

Remove the background from the image, replace the image background with pure white or any color of your choice, and improve your brand aesthetics. This way you can boost your engagement, sales, and make a lasting impression on your viewers.

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AI Gets Smarter

Millions of people know that to remove image background, an AI background remover is the easiest way around. And the more you use it, the more it learns from your results. It is an AI-based technology and you must know that the more you use it, the better it gets.

How to remove image background using Clippr?

» Go to the Clippr website and click on the “TRY IT NOW” button.
» Click on the “CHOOSE IMAGE” to upload the image. (with for a few seconds).
» Click on the “DOWNLOAD” button to download the PNG with transparent background. 



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