Posted On: 09 Nov, 2020

How To Get The Product Image Cutouts At Speed?

Images are an integral part of any marketing strategy. Every business strives to awe its customers with eye-catching, high-resolution images but not every business can pull off that kind of visuals. However, in this blog, we will take you through a journey where we’ll tell you how you can pull off amazing visual requirements using product image cutouts. 


What are image cutouts?

There are chances that you may have seen the same object on multiple backgrounds and settings. So, if you’re thinking that these images are shot individually, then you are wrong. These are the images that are created using an original cutout in the post-production process.

Cutout images are the subjects that are detached (cut out) from their original background onto clean backdrops such as white or gray. See the images below for an example. 


Why do you need product image cutouts?

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Image cutouts are a widely used image editing service that allows businesses to re-create images from the existing ones without having to spend on a photoshoot. These cutouts are cut out from the original background and placed on a new, simple, and plain white background to add new images to inventory.

For an instance, you have hired a product photographer to shoot your footwear products. Cool. He executed the shoot, handed over the deliverables and you uploaded these creative product images on your website, and they look great. But what if you need white background images for the same products? Will you spend another hundred dollars on a new photoshoot? No, you will not if you know the right methods!


How to get the product image cutouts faster?

You can simply outsource images to a manual editor and get the cutouts from the images and use them on new backgrounds. This way you’ll get a new set of images without having to execute a new photoshoot. This can be costly but we have a solution for it. Clippr helps you get cutouts for free of cost - in seconds.

With the advancement in AI technology, tools such as Clippr allows you to remove background from images and get cutouts (PNG) of the subjects, which you can place on new backgrounds of your liking. 

You can do it by yourself and it’s as simple as converting a document online. Clippr’s interface is user-friendly - allowing you to have a seamless experience.

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