Posted On: 24 Dec, 2020

How To Create Attractive YouTube Thumbnails To Boost Video Views

If you want to create thumb-pressing thumbnails for your YouTube channel, then keep reading this blog. Today, we will talk about creating thumbnails for your videos that stand-out. Before we dive any further, let me tell you why you must design attractive thumbnails even you need to spend a little more time to design them. Because thumbnails of a video are more relevant than the content of the video. 


What a thumbnail is?

Why do you have to worry about click-through rates?
How to create a professional thumbnail?
What's BOGY?
Importance of text in your thumbnails

How to create a thumbnail quickly?

Consistency across thumbnails

Using Emojis


It could be better if YouTube explains itself, no? So here’s what YouTube has to say about these creative designs. 


“Thumbnails are usually the first thing viewers see when they find one of your videos.”


So, in simple terms, these creatives represent your video content. So, to attract viewers to watch this video, your video thumbnail must stand out. This is a photo that comes across a viewer when he searches for a video on the video-sharing platform, YouTube. 

Why do you need one? To post a video on your Youtube channel, you need to represent your video content with a digital picture that tells people the content inside is tasty or simply amazing. Although Youtube’s algorithm creates a thumbnail for you automatically however if you want to make the thumbnail to impress your visitors or lure them to click on it, then you need to create a custom Thumbnail. When your thumbnail impresses a visitor, he clicks on your video hence improve the Click Through Rate (CTR). 

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Why do you have to worry about click-through rates?

To put it in simple terms CTR is the number of clicks per thumbnail impressions, which means the number of times your thumbnail has been seen on YouTube. It helps the Youtube algorithm to decide what to show and what not to show on their site. If a user frequently clicks on your Youtube videos, he’s likely to get similar recommended videos from you, even if he hasn’t subscribed to your channel. And if no one clicks on your video, the risk of vanishing the video raises.


In fact, 9 in 10 popular videos on YouTube use a custom thumbnail. 


All you need to create a professional thumbnail

Do you notice that people search for videos on Youtube but choose your rival over you, why? It isn’t because of their content, that is not even in the picture. However, what hit their psyche was the thumbnail they had used to communicate what the video is all about. Also, you don’t want Youtube to turn a screenshot of your video into a thumbnail, that’s the last thing a professional Youtuber would want. 

A Youtube thumbnail should be a visual asset that would tell your viewer clearly that this is why you must watch and it is meant to solve your query. How to do that? The main aim of using an attractive thumbnail is to get people to click on it. So, why will someone click on it? Obviously for CTR - to get people to click on your Youtube video, right? To achieve that, you need to make sure that you clearly mention what the video is about - communicate effectively in your video thumbnail. 

If you are the subject in the video, then try using any of the six basic human emotions, surprise, anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, and fear to make eye-cathing and engaging expressions. 

One of the best tips for creating a Youtube thumbnail is to use BOGY thumbnails. It refers to the thumbnails that use the following four colors:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

Why is it necessary? Sometimes you don’t need to blend in but to stand out! If you look around the video-sharing platform, you will notice the platform is mostly Black, white, and red. So, using BOGY thumbnails, you can stand out from the crowd and grab attention easily. For instance, This Youtube channel (which has 30M subscribers) uses blue, orange, yellow, and purple in most of their thumbnails - creating a different impact on the users' minds. Of course, you can use colors like red, white, and black - but know that popular youtube thumbnails have 80% of the space BOGY. 

For these kinds of thumbnails, you might need to create image cutouts of subjects or your pictures like in the below image. To create high-quality cutouts that can be used to create engaging youtube thumbnails, you can use Clippr to do it for you - 100% automatically. 

Also to remove distractions from the background of your images, you might want to clear the clutter and create simple but stunning images, In this case, you can remove the image background using Clippr and then choose a new background that is professional and fits your brand value. 

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Write thumb-stopping text in your thumbnails

Words play a significant role in driving the attention of the viewer and motivating him to play the video. Think of the creative ways to draw people in. however, what you should keep in mind is that you must clearly communicate what the video is about. The communication must be short and concise as we aim to grab attention.

For example, instead of writing 11 tips, you should keep in mind while creating your videos, you can write 11 tips you can’t miss while creating your videos. Instead of writing Bill Gates’ advice for young people, you can create your text banner which says, “I wish someone had told me this when I was 20.”

Writing banner texts like this may improve your CTR, therefore improving your video views conclusively.

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How to create a thumbnail real quick?

To create impressive youtube thumbnails there are several tools you can use, however, what has grown as your free editor cum designer is always at your disposal - Canva. This tool allows you to edit and customize thumbnail from its pre-designed creatives - allowing you to make subtle changes instantly and post without missing your timelines. If you need to add objects to another background, you can use Clippr to get rid of their backgrounds, create cutouts with transparent backgrounds, and then use them on new backgrounds.

You can edit exiting thumbnails provided in Canva and make your thumbnails instantly even if you need to deliver them in the tightest timelines.

Adobe Spark also has a free thumbnail tool, allowing you to be real quick with your designs.

Pro Tip: Study the thumbnails best and the worst performing Youtube videos and analyze what sets them apart? Is the text larger? What colors do they use? How’s the thumbnail connected with the storyline of the video. Implement these and wait for a month to see if your changes in youtube have an impact.

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Be consistent

While creating thumbnails make sure that you have your brand image in your mind. Most of the top brands use the same colors across the brand communication, creating an impactful brand image. Most people miss being consistent when they create youtube thumbnails. They create one thumbnail in one color and the other in another color, giving their brand channel an inconsistent look.

Keep the font the same across your youtube thumbnails - texts that are clear and easy to read. Similarly, the positioning of your elements in the thumbnail matter a lot. Whether it is a text or the placement of objects - keep it consistent.

Use emojis

You can also try to add emotions to your thumbnails using the right emoji on your designs. However, you need to ensure that you don’t make your thumbnails look cluttered by adding not-so-relevant emojis. You can use emojis creatively but also make sure not to overload your image.

Just to remind you that you can use Clippr to remove bg from your images and cutout subjects or the objects and use them in your Youtube thumbnails to make them attractive and engaging. Want to create a transparent background on your image free? Click here to upload the image.

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