Posted On: 27 Nov, 2020

How is Clippr Best From Other Traditional Background Removing Tools?

While making a presentation or posting your product images on your website or product inventory, you may stop and think if the image is great, if the background is not distracting or colors do not match with the product in the image. Eventually, you decide to remove the background of an image real quick, without even using the traditional methods like Photoshop or Lightroom. 

It is simple and the difference is that businesses now prefer to use automated tools over the traditional ones that are time-consuming, labor and cost-intensive. 

In this blog, we will tell you why Clippr is the best among all other traditional background removal tools.

Why Remove the background of an image?

Maintain consistency across the product range-

Having a unique background across your product images makes it easy for a customer to trust the brand as it creates consistency across the product range. By removing the background you can actually use the common background on the product images, maintain consistency, and improve the aesthetics of your website. 

Having plain, simple backgrounds on your product images also help you improve your site’s page speed, therefore, cuts down the site abandonment rate by a considerable margin. 

Clear the clutter-

When you supposed to post your product images on a particular site to sell, you anticipate your visitors to get attracted towards your product image but in doing so you compromise with the simplicity of the product image - as you embed too many props to drive the attention of your customer. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you don’t push away your visitors from your product images, he’s any way on your site to purchase the item, now all you need to do is showcase your product in the most subtle and aesthetic way possible. 

The customer is distracted by all the clutter you created to improve the image’s appeal, which proves otherwise - as customers like simple and subtle designs. So, to remove those distractions, you can remove the image background and use a simple background to give a fresh and simple look to the product.

Sell on marketplaces-

It is needless to say that most of the e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Etsy, Myntra, Snapdeal, and many others encourage sellers to use white background product images only. So, to create white background product images for these marketplaces, you can simply remove the background of an image and then replace it with a white background in a matter of seconds. 

Replace the background-

Most of the small brands do not have so much of a budget to spend on the new product shoots every now and then to update their product inventory, instead, they repurpose their product images shot earlier. For example, if they have white background images, they can remove white background from the images and replace them with new backgrounds or solid colors to create a new set of images without having to order a photoshoot at all.

Why is modern background removal tool like clippr better than traditional tools?

Faster turnaround time-

When you hire an in-house professional image editor or outsource your images for post-production, you will need to have enough time to wait for the deliverables despite being cost-intensive. So, using automated image editing software, you can quickly remove the background of an image in a matter of seconds. Clippr helps you remove background from images in less than 7 seconds.

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Accuracy and consistent results-

When it comes to manual editing human errors are inevitable due to human interventions, however, using AI-based editing tools like online background removal tools, you can get thousands of images edited in a matter of seconds while achieving the highest accuracy and consistent results across the product images. 

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When you rely on photoshop, you won’t expect your editor to remove the background of thousands of images in a day - using a traditional tool like that for background removal is driving Sherman tank to go to your local market for shopping. However, with smart tools driven by artificial intelligence, you can remove background from thousands of images in an hour hence helping you meet your visual content requirements in the toughest timelines. 

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With fewer efforts and less or no human intervention needed for the AI-tool to remove background from an image, it becomes highly cheaper to use these automated tools over the traditional tools, which are time-consuming and cost-insensitive. 

How do I remove the background 100% automatically?

I am sure you want to remove your image background at lighting speed, no? Here are some steps to remove the background of an image in a matter of seconds. 

1. Go to the Clippr website and simply click on the “TRY IT NOW” option. 

It will take you to the page where you can upload the image (from which you need to remove the background).

2. Click on the “Choose Image” to upload the image.

It will take a few seconds to upload the image and a few to process the image and therefore give you an image with a transparent background.

You can use the zoom magnifier tool and hover around the preview image to cross-check the quality of the transparent image (the cutout).

3. Click on the “Download Image” to download the PNG of your cutout with a transparent background. 

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This way you can remove background from as many images as possible - 100% automatically. Clippr is a free tool driven by AI, which needs less human effort or no effort at all. If you want super-high-resolution images with transparent backgrounds after removing the background, you can simply click on the “Get a quote” to order super high-quality transparent images. Wanna remove the background of an image in less than 7 seconds? Click here to remove now!

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