Posted On: 24 Nov, 2020

How Automated Image Editing Can Ease Your Workflow?

Image editing can make even the most ordinary, dull, and boring pictures look extraordinary and bright. When it comes to getting sharp, stunning images, there are three stages to it - pre-production, shoot, and post-production. While the first two stages need necessary human intervention, the third, post-production, can be automated using the latest image editing technology, which otherwise can be cost-intensive and time-consuming.

Most businesses are looking for a seamless post-production process that allows them to get image editing in a matter of minutes. Earlier image editors would take a week to edit 500 images (which is time and labor-intensive) but now, with the advent of AI-based editing, it takes the AI algorithms to edited thousands of images in a day, helping businesses save hundreds of thousands of rupees and time. 

For example, a manual image editor would take hours to remove background from an image, however, an AI-based background remover like Clippr will help you to remove image background in seconds - in a click. 

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Why automated image editing is the best choice for your business?

Whether you are a small business owner or a seller on marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, etc, you need high-quality product images that are perfectly edited and can help you grab customers’ attention instantly and leave a lasting impression in their minds.

E-commerce is booming and you need to get more and more images edited in faster turnarounds, so there’s no other option than choosing automated image editing over manual editing. Here are some reasons that will help you understand why it is important to go for AI-based automated imaged editing.


Looking for the best image editing company or hiring a pro image editor can be challenging and costly. However, if you use AI-based free tools, you can edit images on your own - in a click. Even if you do not know the ABC of image editing, using AI-based automatic editing tools, you can edit hundreds of images in minutes. All you need to do is look for the best tools that can help you in editing your images.

For example, Clippr is a tool that works on 100% automation. Even if you have no knowledge of editing, you can remove image background in seconds on your own - all you need to do is a single click. Many software makes image editing chore, tedious, and time-consuming and it becomes more difficult when you don’t know how to manually edit a picture. So, it is effortless to go for automated imaged editing for better results.


As I said, online shopping is booming and businesses need more and more images to showcase their products and attract potential customers. So, images, even if shot on a white background, require a considerable amount of editing to make them look clean, sharp, and eye-catching. There is a 100% chance of human error if post-production is manual - due to human intervention.

However, using AI-driven image editing software, there is very less chance of error in the post-production process, even if there is any it is eventually rectified as AI runs hundreds of checks before delivering the edited images. As AI algorithms learn from millions of pictures to edit pictures using the same paraments - therefore create accurate results across the product range - whether it is the brightness of the pictures, sharpness, or clarity. 

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Like I mentioned earlier that if you don’t know how to remove image background, you can still do it using the AI-based background removal tool Clippr in a click. Since tools like these are automated, which means they allow users to get their jobs done 100% automatically so they are either completely free of cost or charge considerably low than manual editing. 

Clippr, a background removal tool is free to use and allows users to remove bg from images 100% automatically - in seconds. 

Unlike manual editing, AI image editing needs less human intervention, which means lesser dependency on manpower (to edit images with accuracy) hence making it highly cost-effective. 

It edits at speed

When you use modern technology to edit your images in post-production, it saves a good amount of time. Turning to manual editing in times of AI-based editing technology is like going shopping to a local market in a Sherman tank - time-consuming. Even if it is photoshop - it takes a lot of time from the editor to edit a simple image. So, using AI to edit your images means lesser time as it uses artificial intelligence to process images at speed, hence delivering quality results in the fastest turnaround times. 

In the case of Clippr, you can remove bg from the image in a matter of seconds, unlike in manual editing, which can take up to hours to do so perfectly. 

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As you can edit one image in a matter of seconds using artificial intelligence, then you can imagine how many images can you edit in a day. Using AI image editing, you can easily scale up your content requirement. 

If you are a brand that needs to update images constantly or post images as per the trends, manual editing can’t do justice here, it will take days to edit those images (trends will become history until then), so using automated image editing tech, you can get hundreds of thousands of images edited in a day - without having to worry about the timelines at all. 

So, using AI base image editing software, you can get images edited in faster turnaround times where consistency and accuracy are maintained across the product ranges and requires the least effort and costs. So, overall automated image editing is far better than manual editing, which is time-consuming and laborious. So, if you are looking for automated image editing, you can click or if you simply want to remove your image background - 100% automatically and free of cost, you can simply use Clippr. Remove your image background now!


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