Posted On: 02 Dec, 2020

Enhance Your Model Pictures With These 6 Tips (6th being my favorite)

You might have read again and again that the perceived value of a brand and the brand trust, identity, and worthiness depends on the quality of pictures a brand uses. It is an important element for any brand and that is the reason why everyone keeps repeating it. Nonetheless, consumers judge a brand based on the product picture or the visual presentation of the brand - whether the pictures are posted on a website or a marketplace. 

Not just that, with better, super-quality model images, you can easily improve your business ranking on Google and eventually start ranking on top SERPs of Google. 

In this blog, I will tell you 6 tips that can help you in improving your model pictures to a brilliant level. Whether you are a small business or a big, established brand, these tips will help you in selling your website better to your customers. 

1. Use pro lighting setup and camera equipment

What you’d need to get perfect model pictures?

1. A Camera

2. Tripod

3. Clean Background

4. The Right Lighting 

5. The Right Room

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Camera: You can use any digital camera to click a picture of your model, however, if your budget is weighing you down from expending too much on cameras, you can also use a smartphone or camera phone to capture your model pictures.
Tripod: Make sure your picture is not blurry or pixelated. Use a tripod to get sharp images.
Clean Background: Use clean backgrounds to make your post-production easy and seamless. However, you can simply use AI-based image editing to edit your images but using clean simple backgrounds, you can also remove the background of your model pictures and replace them with new backgrounds of your choice. This way you don’t have to spend much on outdoor shoots or complex model shoots. You can use free tools like Clippr to remove background from model pictures

Lighting: When you talk about photography, the most important thing that you must take care of is the lighting, use the right amount of lighting to highlight the details of the product or model, use light absorbers and reflectors to remove the shadows.
The Right Room: Choosing the right room for the model shoot will help you in getting the right pictures. The right room means the right place that has a good amount of natural light to shoot the models without using too much artificial light. 

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2. Create looks in advance

Styling is very important when it comes to model shoots, for instance, this undergarment shoot by Spyne, a leading on-demand photoshoot company,  will help you understand how they choose and style models on the basis of the garment. 

Work closely with your stylist and create some looks in advance that you would like to shoot with a model. You can also create a mood board to pre-decide what kind of color combinations you’d use and what sort of background will sit well with the dresses and the model style. 

Prepare a shot list to make sure the shooting process is effortless and is executed with the highest efficiency. 

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3. Hire a stylist

A trained professional who knows how will your final results look like is the perfect person to work more closely with during pre-production or shooting. A stylish will help you in highlighting the best in a model and will help you give better visibility to the main outfit. 

All you need to do is tell them about your requirements and they will strategically put together a combination that looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. 

4. Use references for better results

Like I said it is important to know what are the end results you are anticipating. You as a brand must know how your product should look like in an image or on a model or simply how you want it to be. You can use some photo references from your competitors or other brands to help your stylists understand your needs or the vision you are trying to achieve. 

As I suggested that mood board is the best way to help you create the basic structure of your end goal. Here is how you can create a mood board for your brand

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5. Seamless Post-production

The biggest problem for big and small brands is post-production. They find post-production heavy on their pockets besides being time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, with the AI technology making headlines, it has become a savior to all those businesses anticipating to save loads of money they spend on post-production. Using AI-based image editing solutions, businesses can get images edited at 30% lower cost than manual editing and at 67% faster delivery. 

6. Use AI-based background removal tool to remove background from model pictures

Again, the biggest pet peeves that businesses find in designing are the challenges in removing the background from the image and creating a transparent background. To remove bg from model pictures, you can either go for complex post-production or AI-based automated editing. 

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With the advancement in technology, AI-based companies have created tools that allow users to remove background from images 100% automatically - without doing anything. Clippr is a handy tool that will help you remove background from model pictures, and replace them with new backgrounds of your choice. 

For an instance, if you are shooting on a white background but you eventually want the image on a pink backdrop, you can use the background remover tool to remove the image background, and then replace the background with the pink background or any other background of your choice. Since you get transparent PNG after removing background from an image, the subject cutout takes effect of any background place behind it. As in the picture below. 

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