Posted On: 05 Dec, 2020

How To Create Stunning Imagery For Your Product Catalog

When you are selling your products online, that means your product shouldn’t just look beautiful in real-life but also in pictures that you need to showcase online. 

Whether it is an online product catalog or a printed catalog, your imagery should POP, look eye-catching, and attract the attention of your prospective customers. And you have got just a few seconds to impress them - so better be careful while taking and using pictures in your catalog. 

Hiring the best product photographers is really challenging and can be costlier for new and small businesses, supporting the VocalForLocal movement, Spyne introduced SpyneCliq to help businesses go self-reliant (Atmanirbhar) by allowing them to shoot their product images on their own using their smartphones. This app helps them create marketplace-customized pictures in a matter of seconds. So, whether you’re hiring a photographer or DIYing it, you need to have strong, eye-catching imagery for your product images to make your category look charming. 

Why do you need a catalog in the first place?

Have you ever seen products without actually talking about them or without showing them to the customers or letting the potential consumers experience it? No. so, it becomes pivotal for any business to display their products and talk about their features to sell their products. It doesn’t stop at conversions but creating a lasting impression and brand visibility. 

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Here are some top reasons to have a catalog:

Apart from allowing you to display your products to your customers, it allows you to effectively market them to improve conversions and branding.

Exposure: One of the key benefits of having a catalog is that it allows you to expose your brand to audiences of all kinds. With brands creating online product inventory and catalog, it has become a cheaper and more convenient way of showcasing the best o your products. The product catalog helps the viewer know about your company and the other products you sell. 

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Branding: The catalog doesn’t just allow users to know about the product but leaves a great impression of your brand. So, using high-quality product images in the catalog helps your customers to easily build trust in your brand and decide in buying the products. 

Sales: As you inform your potential customers about your products in a smarter way, it helps you with more conversions - eventually leading to your business growth. 


Tips for creating better product catalog imagery. 


While pulling together the perfect gear to shoot your products, you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment to execute your photoshoot seamlessly. Whether it is the digital camera of the tripod to ensure the pictures capture are sharp and perfect. Here are the things you need:

  • - Camera
  • - Tripod
  • - Plain background
  • - Lighting


The lighting should be perfect

While shooting your products, you need to make sure that you have proper lighting for a perfect shoot. You can simply use artificial lighting to get the best pictures. However, we suggest you to use to shoot in a place that has enough natural light to shoot the products with perfection - as it ensures the right amount of shadow and crispness on the product images. 

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Using the right lighting helps you create stunning images - as it helps you eliminate the unwanted shadows. Also, make use of reflectors to eliminate the dark shadows on the products.

Uniform background

Almost all the catalogs pictures are shot on a white background. Even with the top marketplaces accepting white background pictures to sell products on their platforms, the product catalog photography by most of the brand is done on white backgrounds.

It doesn’t make any sense to have one picture capture on a gray background and the other on white. However, if you already have product photos on different backgrounds and you are thinking to repurpose them, you can get rid of old backgrounds by using an online background burner tool. You can remove the image background and use a white background on your photos for your catalog. 

Shoot on a white background to maintain uniformity across your product range. Using a uniform background also allows your users to explore the products in a better way. So, to highlight your product features and give attention to detail, use a plain and clean background for shooting your products. 

Shooting different angels

While doing a shoot for your catalog, you need to make sure that you display your products from all angles. If it is a digital catalog, we suggest you to use GIFs or videos to display your products in an interesting way. 

Know that users are looking at your product virtually not physically. So, shoot all the possible angles of you to give your prospective clients a better perspective of your product. 

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Use the Automatic tool to remove your image background

If you have old pictures and want to remove their backgrounds and use a white background instead, you can simply use online image background remover to get rid of the old background, and then you can place the products on any background of your choice. 

Want to remove background from pictures?

Simply use Clippr, a 100% automatic tool, to remove your image background. Remove your old background and replace it with a new background and use images wherever you like.


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