Posted On: 30 Nov, 2020

A Brief Guide To Creating Brilliantly Stunning Fashion Product Images

Did you know?

  • 90% of information perceived by a human brain is visual

  • Humans can recollect 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read 

  • 75% of online buyers make their potential purchase only after seeing product photos 

Now that you know how important it is for a fashion brand to have stunning product images to hit the psyche of a consumer and lure him to make purchases. 

If you are an online seller, you may agree that you don’t sell your products in the first place but the pictures of that particular product. 

If you have great pictures on your website or your product inventory, people start trusting your brand, which eventually brings credibility to your businesses. Having great pictures not only improves brand recognition but also helps your boost the engagements, site organic traffic, and conversions. 

So, here’s a brief guide on how to create brilliantly stunning fashion product images for your brand. 

  • Pre-production and Shoot

  • Automated Post-production

Before you start shooting, you need to prepare a little for your fashion shoot. Here is what you will need:


Any digital camera can help you achieve your visual content requirements. If you have a good camera phone, you can leverage its smart tools to get perfect images.


To get sharp images, you need to use a tripod to elevate the quality of your product images - it will allow you to eliminate blur in pictures. 

Clean Background:

Simple and clean backgrounds are always the best. White background and shades of white allow you to highlight the features of the products quite well. A busy background always distracts the customers from the product image, eventually leading to the site abandonment.

You can use a white background and easily remove the white background from the image and replace it with any other background using the AI-based smart tool Clippr. 

Natural Light:

Light plays a pivotal role in creating stunning fashion images. Try using as much natural light as possible, do not use too many artificial lights to create too many shadows. 


If you are shooting your apparel products using a mannequin or a model, make sure you display your product well. Clothes worn by a model allow prospective buyers to imagine how well the product can fit on them. 


When you have all these required items, you can start shooting your products, however, as far as your fashion products such as apparel are a concern, you must make sure the products are clean, wrinkle-free, perfectly ironed, and free from tags or stickers.


Now that you are done with shooting your fashion product images, you can simply hire an in-house fashion product images editor who can help you edit your images as soon as possible or outsource your images to an image editor for editing. Both these can be tedious and time-consuming as they work on traditional tools like Photoshop and Lightroom to do your editing. As it needs human intervention, it is:


Using Photoshop, which needs too much effort is really tedious. You need to have proper knowledge of the software to edit your images like a pro. This is not the case in automated image editing tools. 


As Photoshop is a traditional tool that allows you to edit images, but you need a lot of time to edit a pertinent image with perfection. For example, if an editor uses photoshop to edit images, he may edit 500 images in a week, however, AI-based image editing software will edit around 2000 images in a day with the highest accuracy.

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Labour intensive

You need an in-house team to work on tools like Photoshop or simply outsource to manual editors to do the job. In the case of automated image editing, all you need to do is a few clicks. 

Cost intensive

Due to time and efforts, it becomes highly cost-intensive for brands. But due to automation, the rates at which images are edited become highly cheaper. 

Less scalable 

Like I said it takes too much time to edit images manually so it becomes difficult to scale the image editing or deliver edits in the quickest time possible.

But when it comes to AI-image editing, you can easily get images edited at a faster pace, scale your content requirement at cheaper costs, and get deliverables of higher quality. 

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Use AI to remove background from fashion product images for free

When you are done shooting your product images on a simple, plain background, you can simply use AI-powered smart tools to remove background from the image and replace it with a new, fresh, and matching background of your choice. 

Clippr, an AI-based image background removal tool, helps you remove unwanted objects or clutter from the image background, and help you create simple and beautiful images free of cost. 

Remove background from fashion product images in a click

When you have shot your fashion products, you can upload them on the Clippr website, and get their old (raw) backgrounds removed, and then replace them with new backgrounds of your vehicle. You can use an again pure white background, its shades, or any solid color. 

All you need to do is upload the image and get your fashion product image with a transparent background in less than 7 seconds. Clippr allows you to download the PNG file of your cutout, which you can use anywhere on any background or in a group of products as a LAYER on a solid background.

Clippr, an AI background remover, is:

  • - Driven by smart intelegince

  • Free to use bg removal tool

  • Effortless

  • Cost-effective

  • Scalable + quality results (download high-quality outputs than any bg remover tool)

  • Faster than expected (in less than 7 seconds)

  • Removes background in a click 

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