Posted On: 02 Nov, 2020

How To Choose The Right Background For Your Photo?

Backgrounds can be behind your subject but they play an important role in highlighting it. So, whether you are selling a product or just informing your customers, you need to make sure that you choose the right backdrop for your photos. It not only helps you in creating your first impression but also building trust in your consumers. 

To give your customers an immersive experience of your products, you need quality product photos. Whether you are selling your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, or eBay, or you’ve got your own website to sell your products, one of the best ways to make your product images eye-catching is to use a simple and pure white background. It can be achieved by using tools like Clippr - to remove background from images and place it on plain white backdrops. 

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In fact, studies favor that white background on product images increases click-through rate, making them images that sell easily. So, if you want to remove the background  100% automatically and replace it with plain white or gray backdrops, then you can do it by putting AI to work.

If you are shooting a product and want to decide between choosing a creative and simple backdrop, here’s what you should do. 

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Study Your Subject:
The first thing you need to do is to decide what is the main product that you need to shoot. Is it a product? Model? Animal? Or Food. Observe the colors in your subject and examine what colors can sit with them.


Decide Shoot Mood:
When it comes to shooting, planning is regarded as half the game. So, it is tricky to decide what should go behind the subject - the backdrop. It depends - whether you are shooting a portrait or a creative shot or products for your e-commerce website. Do you want your images to be bright and inspiring, then you can use the rising sun. If you want to evoke emotions, then you can use dark colors and work on shadows.

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Lighting :
Lighting is an important part of any shoot. Make sure that you use the right lighting setup that matches your background - allowing you to create crispness around your subject and differentiates it from the backdrop.


You can also use some props to make the images look interesting and enthralling. However, you can also choose some amazing backgrounds (created digitally or at home) and they will help you in creating appealing images for your products. 


Here are some of the best background tips that you must keep in mind while choosing or creating your background.


Minimize the distractions

The most renowned artworks ever made have least in the backdrops and have either clean or subtle backgrounds to minimize distractions from the main subject. The images with clean background minimize the distraction and compelling viewers to look at the subject intently. 

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In fact, it also applies to e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon. According to the e-commerce giant’s selling guidelines, sellers can only use product images with a plain white backdrop, as they know that it helps them sell better. 

Look for the background that doesn’t have much clutter, and the colors are simple - not pushing viewers to look away from the picture. However, while choosing the background you should be able to select a background that creates a perfect visual contrast between the product/subject and the surroundings. 


Use Negative Space Explicitly 

You can use the negative space (the blank area around the subject in the picture or space that’s unoccupied) to put more emphasis on the subject. Negative space plays a critical role in the composition of a picture. 

It not only helps you create the subject as the main focus of the image but also offers flexibility when it comes to composition. So, choose a background with enough negative space to make your subject the main point of interest and easy for viewers to look at.

Create Harmony In Your Pictures

When you choose backgrounds that are perfectly aligned with the subject or in order, viewers like that most because our minds like to perceive things in order. So, if you can use a backdrop with arranged patterns then you’d be able to pull off a balance in your photos. 

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But now the question is, how to recreate creative backgrounds for your photos. And to this, there are so many creative ways and ideas of creating a homemade backdrop for your subjects. Even if you want to keep your backdrops simple and clean, like using white or gray background, then you can certainly try to remove the background from images 100% automatically and free of cost and then use those PNGs on new backdrops of your choice.

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Here are some of the background ideas you’ll love:


For retro yet elegant looks, you can use newspaper 

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White background for product images is a classic way to drive customers’ attention to the main subject

Use balloons on the wall for a party mood

Want your background to be romantic? Use lights and dark colors in the background or how about autumn - fall of the leaves?

Use streamers to create an enchanting atmosphere behind your back - you can either pick multiple colors or one color of your choice. 

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Wanna add backdrops of your choice?

Cool, then you need to get rid of your old background before you put your subject(s) in a new setting. 

Remove background from image digitally - 100% free, in a click.

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Yes, the time of spending a huge amount of money on outsourcing your pictures for editing or removing and adding backdrops has gone. With the advent of smart intelligence-driven tools such as Clippr, you can now erase background from an image in a matter of seconds - with just a click. It puts its AI to work and helps you remove your bg from your image free of cost. 

This way you can get an image/subject with a transparent background, which you can use on any other background of your choice. 


Whether you need to remove the background from a portrait, model picture, or a product image, you can now use an automatic background remover tool to do it with ease. 

Remove the background from your image to add a new background to your image. 

There’s no unique way of looking for the best background but you can find the best background for your subject by properly analyzing it and its colors. So, make sure you properly read the subject and then decide your background. 

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