Posted On: 05 Mar, 2021

How To Change Car Image Background In Seconds?

Post-production was a time-consuming and tedious task to do. It required a lot of manpower and effort. But with the new technologies drive-by artificial intelligence taking shape, it has become way easier for users and brands to create stunning images in a matter of seconds without having to resort to manual editing. All it takes is a few seconds and a click. 

Our background remover lets you create the transparent background on your images in seconds. However, if you want to replace the car image background and create a white or gray background or any other background on your car images with a faster turnaround time, you can simply use this amazing car background replacement tool. 

Whether you are a car dealership or a car re-seller, you can always use this car background replacement tool to create a white background on your car images in seconds - 100% automatically. There are several reasons why you should choose a plain background for your car images that you want to sell on car marketplaces such as Cars24, OLX, Car Dekho, etc. No doubt, the white and gray backgrounds on your images give a detailed look to your main product, therefore attracting customers’ eyes instantly. 

Here’s how you can do it. 

SpyneAI lets you replace image background with a single click.

Upload image to replace the background

Go to SpyneAI and click on the Choose image to upload the image or you can simply drag and drop the image on the screen.

Choose the background 

Once the image is uploaded on the tool, you can select a background from a group of premium selling backgrounds of your choice. You can apply for another background if you don’t like it. 

Upload logo

Want to make your image look authentic and foster your brand using compelling images with a logo on them? Upload your logo on the image and align it according to your will. Our AI can automatically align it for you, in case you forgot to do it. 

Apply the changes

Click on the Apply button to let AI create the image you would love to post on your website instantly. Because our AI lets you create stunning images that are ready-to-publish. 

Here's what you get!

Click on 'Download HD' to download the image. 

AI does this job very well in seconds

SpyneAI takes a few seconds to create an image with a new background that improves changes of sale by 40%.

Pre-owned car dealership

If you’re wondering if you can use SpyneAI for your pre-owned car images, then let me tell you that yes absolutely, you can create stunning backgrounds on car images that have dirty backgrounds. 

For instance, I randomly downloaded a picture (see below) from OLX. It is a pre-owned car for sale on the car marketplace. The image is okay but I wanted to remove the cars in the background, I wanted it to be the only thing that a visitor could see, so how can that be possible? 

Source: OLX

I uploaded the image on SpyneAI’s car background replacement tool, chose a fresh background from a variety of amazing backgrounds, and applied the changes. Here’s the image I got. Free from clutter and cars that were distracting the eye of a customer. 

I tried several backgrounds on the same car. Here are the results. 

You can try replacing the car image background or book your demo here and transform your marketplace into a clean and sleek Vehicle Detail Page (VDP).