Posted On: 08 Jan, 2021

These 5 Image Editing Tips Will Give A Pro Look To Your Car Images 

Consumers today are increasingly researching online before making any kind of purchase. With online shopping becoming more lucrative and amiable, more and more consumers hit online searches in pursuit of finding the best of the products. 

There are several factors such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, easy access that can drive online purchase intent. However, what is the big deal when it comes to online selling or purchasing is the use of high-quality visual content. If you are a car dealer who sells automobiles online, you’d know the importance of high-quality car images but at the same time, you’d also know the importance of time.  

Not many visit brick and mortar shops to buy a car. According to a report from Google, about 90% of car purchases in India are made online. What does that mean? That means more and more people are being convinced with high-quality images of cars, which makes the potential buyer take action and eventually order his dream car. 

But how do you create such images? Images that create a perfect impression of your brand, upsell your cars, and lure more and more customers by using these accurately tweaked car images. When you are done taking car images either by your smartphone or using a professional camera, you need to tweak the images to make them presentable and sellable. 

So, how do you do that while keeping time in your mind? How do you edit your images in a faster turnaround time? How to get your car images edited at affordable rates? In this blog, we help you understand everything - from tips to solutions - about getting car images edited in faster TATs. 

Whether you are an auto dealer managing a website or an automobile reseller. We will break down for you how you can edit your images really quickly with tech that even you can use afford (most of them are free). There are so many tools that can help you make quick edits, however, there are also tools that help you with extensive editing using Artificial Intelligence. 

Here are some of the top tips to make your car images look professional and sellable (even if they are not!)

  • Car background removal
  • Add custom background
  • Shadow creation
  • Color correction and Brightness Adjustment
  • Car and ground retouching 

Car background removal

If you have photographed your car in your garage or even outdoors but you want to remove the clutter in the background, you can simply use a tool to clip out the background from your car image. And there are hundreds of other reasons why you must remove the image background. By doing this, you can separate the car from the background in simple steps and get clean cutouts which you can use on any background of your choice. 

The car image background removal tool is the best way to remove the car image background in a matter of seconds. Clippr is an AI-based tool that helps you with this complex yet easy edit effortlessly - given to its AI functionality - it works automatically.

After you remove the image background from the car image, you can use any background that you like. For instance, you may want to put a clean white or gray background behind the cutout, the cutout with a transparent background will take effect of any background you place behind it. You don’t have to wait for hours to get your job done by the manual editor, you can do this on your own in seconds - and 100% automatically. Upload your image now!

Add custom background

Once you remove the car image background, you don’t have to use any other tool to create a new background but you can use a custom background using Clippr. You can choose from a wide range of backgrounds that can fit your car image (at any angle) indefinitely. Car background replacement is necessary when you want to create eye-catching car images. It helps you create a distraction and clutter-free background, which eventually drives the customer's attention. 

Creating HD car images for listing and advertisement

Shadow creation

Clippr automatically, after removing the background, adds a perfect amount of shadow to your picture, making it look like a real and natural picture. Shadow is one of the most important elements when it comes to car images. Too much of it can make an image look unattractive and too little shadow can make the car look unreal. So, to make car images look real and attractive, you need to drop the right amount of shadow. 

For example, if you have shot a picture of a car inside your showroom but you want to show it in a desert, Clippr automatically drops the required amount of shadow around the car, making it look as if it is really shot under the sunlight. This customized background addition to your cars creates an appearance that is authentic and exceptional. 

Color correction and Brightness Adjustment

To create the finest results, our AI-driven automobile image editing helps you with advanced car image editing that is fully automated and promises faster deliveries. From highlighting the dark hues to balancing the colors, we can help you create a magical appearance on the car images. Removing distractions like dirt, dust, or bad light on your car images, which you might have captured unintentionally, we eliminate them and correct the colors and make them match with the original color quality of the car. 

We can also brighten up dark parts of your car images, which you could have captured during the photo shoot. These mistakes are unavoidable and are fixed in the post-production process. With our AI-based car image editing, we help you with it in 60% faster turnaround time - giving us an upper edge among other editors in the market. 

Car and ground retouching 

This is where you need to take care of your car as well as the ground. If you have removed the background during the car image editing, you need to make sure that the car sits well on the ground. If required, the floor can be extended to give make the picture appeal more realistic. 

Our AI-based car image editing also helps you with car retouching and enhancement. From managing outer reflections to correcting the colors to interior car cleaning, our AI-based tool runs hundreds of quality checks to fix the depth of the image, shadow, reflection, and so on. Even if your images are dirty from inside, we help you clean them with our AI-based car image technology. 

In case, you think your work can get going with the background removal, you can use Clippr to remove the car image background automatically for free. It helps you get high-quality image cutouts that you can use on the new background and create eye-catching, high-definition car images for your brand. Create images for your classifieds now. Upload your image now!