Posted On: 04 Feb, 2021

How Better Car images Can Help You Drive More Sales?

High-quality car images on a website, dealership marketplace, or online catalog help your potential buyers decide whether to purchase the car or not, whether they should visit your store or someone else’s.

Whether you are a car seller or run a car dealership business, you’d know images are crucial to convincing your customers in making a purchase. It is one of the most important that every brand needs to be privy with. 

It is no secret that images hold a great deal of value when it comes to the marketing of your brand or the product. The old saying ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ is more relevant today than ever. And for any online business, images can break or make a brand (in terms of online presence and customer experience). 

Beautiful and high-quality imagery has time to time proven to establish credibility, boost engagement, and most significantly, boost conversions across the online platforms. No matter how creative or smooth your user experience (UX) design is, if you have poor-quality car photos on your website it’s bound to have a negative influence on your business growth or conversions.

Here we talk about 4 rules of car images that can help boost sales and sell better 

Use Large Images

Large, high-quality images of your car can enable your potential customers to look into the product in the detail. It helps them remain optimistic about your product as they are well versed with the product. 

It means your images should be of better quality and HD. If users prefer zooming into your pictures, you don’t want the quality of your car images to be compromised. So, if you want a high-quality automobile shoot, you can always hire India’s best and affordable AI-based photoshoot and editing company for better deliverables. 

Provide all necessary viewing angles

When you are using your car photos, make sure you have all the viewing angles to provide a detailed view of your product to your customers. This ensures that you are being transparent and there’s nothing to hide, it boosts the trust factor in customers and hence increases the chances of better sales. 

Whether you are shooting pictures using a professional camera or a smartphone, there are several online tools you can use to automatically edit your car images. 

Clean backgrounds

When creating images, you need to make sure that cultured in the background of your car image does not distract the viewer’s attention or steal the limelight. The car should be the only spotlight where you consumer must look. So, it is necessary for any brand to create images that are clean, beautiful, and eye-catching. But how do you create car images with professional backgrounds?

Automatic image editing tools like AI car background replacement tool can help you turn your car images into professional-looking impressive images that sell faster. 

Spyne’s AI tool lets you create a new background automatically behind your car images instantly. It changes the busy, distinctive, and cluttered background of your car to a premium background, making your car look professional and beautiful. 

Replace your car image background Now

More Pictures = Higher the chances of conversions

Only 0.52% of buyers prefer to see a single product photo, about 34% like to see multiple images, and 60% of consumers like 360-degree images for a better perspective. 

One image can not turn your visitor into a customer, you need to have several car images to convince the consumer in purchasing the product. Give them a broader view of the car so that they make an informed decision, which eventually leads to better sales.