Posted On: 12 Jan, 2021

13 Mind Blowing Reasons To Use AI For Image Editing

You might be wondering that Artificial intelligence can’t replace the human touch, however, if not that well, the AI is on its way, on several fronts, to offer what even humans can’t. For instance, Image editing driven by AI helps you get images retouched 60% faster than any manual editor out there. 

Its ability to pull off extremely great results is due to its algorithms that are trained on millions of real-world images - and it eventually gets better and better. 

Do you really want to make 70% of your website look stunning? How do you do that?

The answer is very simple - high-quality visuals 

ai image editing

Yes, images occupy about 70% of your site page and they help you create a lasting impression of your brand. So, to make this 70% count and stunning at the same time, you need to use high-quality images, irrespective of your industry.

For an online business, finding the best photographer, perfect gear, editing pro, models, getting re-shoots done, is tedious and time-consuming, apart from cost-intensive. However, post-production saves a lot of time and cost for these brands. Instead of just going for the re-shoots or look for a variety of professionals to execute the shoot, many brands prefer to tie up with studios that do everything from hiring models, executing shoots to post-production, and they get the best they could ever anticipate. 

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Post-production is the part that doesn’t come in handy. It is tedious, time-consuming, and cost-intensive. Although it is a repetitive task like the clipping of images, removing and adding a new background, and other retouching and enhancements of models or products.

ai image editing

Breaking down Artificial Intelligence and Automated Editing

Both Automation and AI are used interchangeably but actually, they mean different things, here is the break down for you. 

What is Automation? 

It is the process when your technology automatically initiates and ends the process on its own. This is widely used in businesses - from automation of manufacturing to marketing to HR, and even image editing. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) mainly refers to the machine learning that replaces human intelligence to do basic tasks using its smartly built algorithms. Artificial intelligence helps businesses to run most of the tasks efficiently and be more productive as it learns, becomes more efficient, over time. 

How does automated image editing work?

Image editing is one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and cost-intensive tasks. Most businesses are leveraging Artificial Intelligence to accomplish tiresome tasks such as image editing. For instance, if you need to clean your background from your image and post them on a marketplace, you can simply use AI automation to remove the image background instantly and get images that are ready to be published. You can also replace backgrounds and add custom backgrounds to your images, or simply download transparent images. 

ai image editing

What you can automate with AI image editing?

You can leverage Artificial intelligence to make your complex workflows seamless and efficient.  Try automation to drive quality and consistent results. 

Background removal (get transparent background)

AI-based tools can help you remove image background within seconds without spending a penny. Clippr is a tool that allows users to remove bg from any sort of image without having to wait for hours. Its AI identifies the foreground in an image and neatly detaches it from the background, allowing you to download a free transparent image in less than 7 seconds. 

ai image editing

If you are an online seller (e-tailer), you will need high-quality images to keep your sales channels updated with your products. If you have images, and you don’t want to wait for the editor to take hours, you can easily remove the image background and create clean images on your own. Since this bg remover works on 100% automation, it will delete the background without you having to do any click. 

Shadow generation

When the image background is removed, and you add a new background - it will look unreal until you drop a shadow around it. The AI-based tools efficiently create a shadow around the product and make it look professionally clicked and realistic. 

For example, if you have clicked car images indoors and then you remove the image background, and add a new background - showing the car outside (somewhere in a desert or anywhere outside). Wouldn’t it look unreal if you don’t add shadow to your image? Create the right depth in your images by generating shadows around your image. 

ai image editing

Add Custom Background

With automation, you can add a new background to your images in seconds. Now you don’t have to wait for 48 hours for a manual editor to edit your images, you can simply use automation to do it for you. It smartly detaches your subject from the background, creates a transparent background behind it, and then adds a new background as per your choice.  

ai image editing

ai image editing

Re-size Your Images

Images can be edited according to your needs and requirements. With AI-based image editing, you can get your images edited, cropped, or re-sized as per your needs. For example, if you are selling on Amazon, it allows you to upload only images that follow its marketplace image specifications such as clutter-free background, white backdrop, size, etc. So, to create images that Amazon accepts or for that matter any marketplace accepts can be created by automation in bulk. 

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Image Retouching

From basic to major edits, automation can help you enhance your product or model images quickly. Its algorithms are trained on thousands of real-life images that easily detect the areas of improvement and enhance your pictures creatively, making them eye-catching and beautiful. 

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Advantages of automation and AI in image editing

Stay Within Budget

You can simply create stunning images in minutes without having to spend a penny on image edit. AI-based image editing such as background removal, addition, shadow generation, etc can be done using a handy utility such as bg remover tool. 

However, the image enhancement and other major editing stuff can also be done using AI but these services are cheaper compared to manual editing. A few companies even offer AI image editing at 30% lower costs. That means you don’t have to worry about the budget anymore!

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Faster Turnaround Time

You can easily get images edited when you are using automated tools like bg remover such as Clippr or outsourcing to an AI-based image editing company. For tools like Clippr, you can get background removed from images in less than 7 seconds. However, if you want to enhance your images with AI-editing, you don’t have to wait for days to weeks to get the deliverables, with AI, you get images edited at a faster turnaround time. There are some AI-based image editing companies that help you get images edited 60% faster than any manual editor in the market.

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Get Nitty-Gritty Edits Done Instantly

Whether it is face retouching or fixing the margin or increasing the depth of the field in the image, these edits from basic to advanced are smartly done by AI. It keeps your clutter off your plate, while you can focus on other things that require your attention. 

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Get Consistent Results

When it comes to manual editing, making err is in human nature and it is true that we can’t be perfect always. Since, machine learning algorithms are trained on pictures of real-life they get better and better with time, giving you consistent and accurate results every time you get your images edited using automation. 

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Handle Bulk Edits

It is said that over 1.4 trillion photos were taken in 2019 and the study further estimates that about 1,560,300,000,000 (1.56 trillion) pictures will bake taken by the end of 2022. Isn’t it gigantic? That is just the number of clicks but how many total pictures are stored, can you imagine?  

Now, similarly, you are launching your product in the market, you want to get your images edited in bulk. You can either use a bg remover tool like Clippr to remove image background in bulk or outsource your bulk images to an AI image editing company, that will give you all images edited in a few hours (which otherwise or if done manually could take several days or weeks). 

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Perks of using Artificial intelligence for your image editing

  • 60% Faster turnaround time: If you want to use automation for image editing, you’ll get deliverables 60% faster, therefore allowing you to update your images as soon as possible. Simply, you no longer need to wait, it gives you an upper edge in managing and planning your content before everyone else could. 
  • 30% Lower costs: AI-based image editing is highly affordable, saving you about 30% of costs apart from time and effort. 
  • 12% Sales lift: The images are so precisely edited that their perfect presentation could help you improve your sales by 12%. Get high-quality AI image editing now.

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