Posted On: 13 Feb, 2021

How AI Image Editing is revolutionizing the Car reselling Industry?

As Artificial Intelligence gets smarter and smarter, businesses have come to believe that leveraging the AI-built tools can help them build a seamless workflow and would become easy to manage without being time-consuming and labor or cost-intensive. 

Not just that but marketers have also come to certain conclusions that AI not only allows a better user experience or making complex workflows such as Car image editing simple and efficient but it also can outperform the human intelligence to some extent as it can deliver consistent and better results as it learns on each edit. 

How is AI important for the car reselling industry?

A study reveals that about 80% of used car customers research online before visiting the showroom or car dealership. It makes certain things obvious such as the importance of having appealing visual content of used cars and the Vehicle Detail Page (VDPs) presentation. So, how would car dealerships tackle the images that are not-so-great or won’t sell or would probably discourage the customer?

> Should they spend hundreds and thousands of rupees for editing a few car images? Or would they like to get thousands of car images edited at the same price? 

> Would they wait for 48 hours or maybe more to get the images edited? Or create stunning images in seconds and do it 100% automatically? 

Yes, that is the power of AI-based image editing. You no longer have to wait for 48 hours, outsource images to a manual editor or spend huge amounts of money on editing used car images. Our AI tool says: Not anymore!

What is getting better in image editing that is revolutionizing the car reselling industry?

Well, there are several background remover tools out there but not each one of them helps car resellers to create stunning images in faster turnaround times, at a very affordable cost and creating images that sell faster. 

Spyne’s AI tool, Car Background Replacement, helps you do that. It helps you turn your car images with dirty backgrounds into stunning car images with new backgrounds and floors. The AI considers everything from the depth of field, floor extension, enhancement, and so on to ensure the images look real and authentic. 

If you run a marketplace that sells used cars, your images make look very discouraging even if the car looks great. Everything in the picture matters - from floor (what is beneath the car) to background (what is behind the car). You can easily get rid of dirty, busy and discouraging, or distracting backgrounds in a matter of seconds and create car images that sell faster. 

You can save loads of time

Since you don’t have to outsource your images, you can get your images edited by putting AI to work for you. It will automatically do what’s needful and required by the market standards and guidelines.

It is faster

Seven seconds or less is all it takes to turn your discouraging car image into the image that sells better. AI works faster and gives you consistent and accurate results in no time. 

Highly affordable

You don’t have to spend loads of money on manual image editing. You can edit your images using AI at more affordable rates than you could have ever imagined. You can also use your free credits to create stunning car images for free. 

It learns

The more you use it the better it gets. The machine learning algorithms are trained on millions of images to help you get better images. As you use the tool, it will only get better and better and will give you more accurate and consistent results flawlessly. 

Create stunning car images now!

Use our Car background replacement tool to turn your used car images into beautiful images in a matter of seconds - 100% automatically.