Posted On: 01 Oct, 2020

3 Important Reasons Why You Must Use AI Driven Background Removal Tool

Nowadays, e-commerce marketplaces, e-tailers, small businesses, and individual professionals endeavor to keep neat and clean websites - free from clutter. And visual presentation being one of the most important elements of any website, brands use simple pictures with clean backgrounds to drive customers’ attention to the main object. 

To achieve this target of removing and keeping simple, plain backgrounds on images, businesses hire manual editors to do the work. The post-production process takes a lot of time, effort, which eventually leads to cost-intensiveness. So, to help these businesses save time and money, We developed a tool, Clippr, that uses its smart artificial intelligence to do the work of removing image background for you. 

Reasons Why You Must Use AI Driven Background Removal Tool

Now, it’s a matter of a few seconds to remove the background from an image. You can check out the tool now, and least try to remove the background from an image -


Now that it is a very important and cost-effective tool for businesses to use, in this blog, we will tell you three main reasons why you need to use AI automated background removal tools such as Clippr.

Reasons Why You Must Use AI Driven Background Removal Tool

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Three reasons why you must use a fully automated background remover.

Automated: Easy to Use

AI-driven technology tool such as background remover automatically removes the background of an image, which otherwise is a tedious task even when brands have access to high-end software like Photoshop. 

Using AI automated background remover tool, you don’t have to do anything at all - all you have to do is upload the image. The background removal tool puts AI to the task and executes work for you. It is a matter of a few seconds for the bg removal tool like Clippr, you can download the PNG of your subject without a background. Easy. 

You literally have to do nothing. And this is really simple. Even if you have no knowledge of editing, you can simply use Clippr to do it. If you have converted a doc into PDF then you can easily do this. Removing the background from an image is much easier than converting a document. 

Importance of AI Driven Background Removal Tool

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Now, Advertisements, Youtube thumbnails, campaigns, flyers, Infographics, and product images are becoming more and more pivotal to any business, and brands are leveraging technology tools to create impressive images to attract potential clients at affordable prices. 

Now, more than before, businesses need image cutouts to create creative graphics and for e-commerce sellers, they use these cutouts on plain backgrounds to comply with the marketplace guidelines. To avoid hiring a manual editor at higher prices, these businesses can get image-background removed free of cost by using AI automated tools like clippr and save thousands of rupees.

Know Why You Must Use AI Driven Background Removal Tool

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With more than 38% of customers loving to see products with clean backgrounds - with minimal or no distraction in the image, e-commerce marketplaces prefer using one solid color across the product range. It also helps them with the consistency, flexibility, and performance of the site (as images with solid bg allow more image compression for quicker page load times). 

Businesses with a variety of products choose one solid color to keep their designs simple, but removing the background of images in bulk manually will charge a huge amount of many. So, to overcome this, technology products like Clippr are pushing AI to smartly remove image background in bulk in a few seconds.

All you need to do is upload at once and after a few seconds, you can download all pictures at once with the background removed. Later you can choose any background for the cutout image and post it wherever you feel like. 


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