Posted On: 18 Feb, 2021

Use Our Smart Visual AI To Add Realistic Shadow To Your Car Images

Tweaking images, making them look professionally aesthetic and pleasing, you need to work tirelessly to get them right to the eye. However, with the onset of artificial intelligence in our lives and businesses, the hard way of getting things done has come to an end.

You’d not make your work tedious by processing your images in Photoshop but you’d certainly use a handy utility driven by automation to do the job for you. For instance, you might remove background from a car image using an AI tool rather than picking pixels manually - not just a smart thing to do but a time-saving and cost-effective move. 

Automation Is The Way Out

There are several tools that let you create stunning car images in a matter of seconds but not every tool lets you create appealing images that have, one; aesthetic appeal, and two; natural look. 

Creating a shadow on your car images can be a challenging task to do and if not done right, it can look totally off. So make sure you do it right. You can use traditional tools such as Photoshop to create shadows, however, it will take you practice and skills to get it right. Now, how you can add shadows to your images in a jiffy that looks pleasing as well as natural?

Use AI to create shadows on your car images - 100% automatically. 

Spyne earlier launched a tool that can help you remove image background but now, we rolled out a new AI-based car background replacement tool that can create a stunning look on images. You can simply upload the car image and the tool will do the rest on its own. It will remove the dirty, busy, and disturbing car background, add a new background with a turntable, add shadow with perfect and give you a perfect car image in a few seconds - and you don’t have to do a thing. 

Cast Shadow On Your Car Images Using Spyne's AI Visual Tool

It automatically adds a shadow to your car that looks realistic and natural. Whether your car image is shot on a sunny day or during a cloudy night or under the roof, the AI tool casts a shadow on the foreground of the image after understanding the composition of the picture. Whether you are a car dealership or a used car seller looking to transform car images in a matter of seconds, you can use Spyne’s AI tool to do so. With this tool, you can improve your sales by 40% as it allows you to sell your cars faster. 

So, don’t let your potential buyer chose your competitor over you. Create an online showroom that looks visually appealing and professional. Create stunning car images now!