Posted On: 27 Feb, 2021

5 Proven Ways To Sell Your Cars Faster At Dealership

More than a luxury, cars have become a need for most people now. And while many prefer buying new cars, there are many dealerships that sell used cars. And while Covid-19 might have shaken the automobile industry for a brief span of time, the industry is definitely going to rise again. However, the market has now become more competitive and is moving towards the direction of having a huge presence online. So if you run a car dealership business, then it's time for you to pull up your socks and emerge stronger. And in this blog, you'll explore a few ways that can help you sell your cars faster and better. 


High-quality, AI edited car images


This is the most crucial factor when it comes to attracting an audience online. And we are not the only ones to say this. In fact, this resonates with 90% of online buyers. And while e-commerce websites are meant to make one's shopping experience easier, when it comes to cars, people still find it a stressful task. Because often, the images that they see online do not do justice to the actual appearance of the car. And hence, it becomes impossible to judge the car. And this is one of the major reasons why even a top-notch car in reality fails to attract an audience through its images. Especially now that the world is increasingly becoming visual-centric. So in order to boost sales and sell faster, what your car needs is a clean and immaculate look. A background that does not hinder the charm of your car and an image that shows even the tiniest detail of your car.  With this kind of photography and image editing, you'll definitely witness an upsurge in your sales. 

360-degree video for your car

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions that people make. And they want to see everything- from left to right, top to bottom, and just about everything else. While this can also be done through clicking multiple images, a 360-degree video, is the contemporary way to do it.

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Focus on the BANT approach

BANT is an established sales technique that stands for budget, authority, need, and timeline. According to this approach, it is imperative to know your client's budget and point at a car that fits in the range. Also, understand if they possess the authority to make the purchasing decision or not. Along with these, get a proper understanding of the client's needs- his purpose for buying the car. Timeline refers to the time period in which the clients need their delivery.

Establishing a personal bond

A successful business runs on its ability to pursue people. And the trick is to pursue people without giving them that impression. And there are many ways to accomplish that. One is by immediately establishing a personal bond. Greet the client with a warm smile, refer to the client by her/his name, take some time to understand his requirements and give a reliable response. 

Make the procedure easy!

In this technologically advanced world, people want things quick and easy. So make sure that your clients feel at ease from the moment they step in till the time they have made their final signature.

While other factors can be integrated with a little bit of training and introspection, as far as High-quality images are concerned, we've got your back. Spyne has launched a car background replacement tool that is designed to give your car the best look that lets you sell faster. As efficient as this AI automated procedure is, it is also time and cost-effective. 

So if you're looking to give your cars a stunning look then contact us today!